Orjowan Lounge is a karaoke bar with a dance floor, a lounge area and a bar, not to mention a VIP zone; we are also, however, a restaurant which serves nothing but the finest, most intriguing and delectable Lebanese food.

With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available, there’s no palette we aren’t suited to; from the spiciest dishes to the most mild, from our famous moussaka to mezze, shawarma, mixed grills and marinated chicken, there is something at Orjowan Lounge for everyone, including, naturally, our succulent desserts. Every item on our menu has been tailor-made to bring out the full flavour of Lebanon.

Complimenting our food is our wide selection of fine, aromatic wines from our homeland.

Having dinner at Orjowan Lounge is not a typical experience. We have taken every care to make our restaurant an area which stands out, whereby you and your friends and/or family can have an evening that is not merely memorable, but unforgettable, with every flavour, colour and fragrance of the middle east coming alive through the wondrous mind of our chef.


If you wish to be entertained, look no further.

Call us: 020 7118 9595