We can organise parties of all kinds for you, ones which will ensure you and your guests have the most memorable nights of your lives. This is made even easier due to the size of our club; whether you want your party to be an evening of glorious food in our restaurant, fun-filled karaoke, exclusive rooms in our VIP zone or partying all night long on our dance floor.

Hen & Stag

Our lounge is also designed to accommodate hen and stag parties, giving the would-be bride or groom the chance to have a truly memorable night before spending the rest of their lives with their significant other. Whether it’s a meal you’re looking for, karaoke or just plain old dancing – or all three – we will give you only the best experience.

Kid's Parties

We also offer a child-friendly experience if you wish to throw a truly exciting party for your kids, from games of all kinds to a karaoke option with hundreds of songs for hours upon hours and the finest (non-alcoholic in this case of course) food and drink.


Many companies can only benefit from giving their employees are a memorable night out, whether as a team building exercise or otherwise an excuse to party. At Orjowan Lounge, we can offer you everything in our club for the best corporate events, from sing-alongs in our karaoke area to a full meal at our restaurant to a fun-filled night of dancing and fun in our bar and VIP zone.


What day matters more than a birthday? Orjowan Lounge have designed our restaurant and club to accommodate the largest and most exciting birthday experience you can imagine, and whether you want to start with dinner and then head to the lounge to party, traverse to our private VIP zone, do karaoke for hour upon hour or anything in between, it’s all available here.

Baby Shower

Of every memorable event in the world, there are few more directly life changing than having a baby. At Orjowan Lounge, you have the option to book our restaurant for a night of wonderful food, then continue the party in our lounge area or on the dance floor for that combination of your own favourite songs with the company of your friends to celebrate this most important event in your life!

About The Lounge

At Orjowan Lounge, we aren’t merely a karaoke bar; we provide a full experience with a VIP area and more. With the best technology at your fingertips, choose from a specially themed playlist or any number of thousands of songs. We also have a truly fine selection of drinks at our huge and well-stocked bar, equipped with the best live DJs in the city! Orjowan Lounge is, in every way, the full experience.


If you wish to be entertained, look no further!

Call us: 020 7118 9595